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On Apple's Enterprisey Focus–They Just Might Be The Enterprise Software Outlier
Apple isn't really known as an enterprise vendor, but rather as a consumer one that people like to use in an enterprise setting. Apple traditionally hasn't set itself up well to sell into enterprise – they don't follow the technology enterprise norms …
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3 ways to minimize enterprise software selection risk
Enterprise software selections contain hundreds or thousands of requirements. The most practical way to handle such large numbers of requirements is to use an evaluation system. The output is a deterministic data driven decision, typically ranking …
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CONTACT CENTERS BMC Debuts Remedy 9 for 'People-Centered' IT
It's important to provide IT services that are as quick and easy to deploy as are, say, an Android phone app or an Amazon service, said Young, who focuses on end-point devices, IT service management and client virtualization software · Relevant …
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